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Willy Bashiya Mbayi

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Financial Consultant

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Willy holds a Bcom Honours degree in economics from University of Cape Town (South Africa), school of economics and completed successfully Masters degree in finance from Department of accounting at University of Cape Town (UCT). He also holds a postgraduate degree in monetary economics from University of Kinshasa where he lectured monetary economics and financial markets instruments under the supervision of Professor Tshuinza Mbiye,  a former Governor of the Reserve Bank of Congo. He boasts extensive experience in financial markets, financial analysis, company valuation and accounting (compiling Balance sheet, Income statement, cash flow statement and the statement of change in equity). Willy is member of Southern African Institute for Business Accountants  and  member  of  IBA  SA  (Southern  African  Institute  of  Business Advisor). He is also registered Tax Practitioner with South African Revenue Services.

Willy worked for Oasis Asset Management based in Cape Town in Investment Administration and assisted the implementation team and fund managers in managing and supervising equity, balanced and money markets funds. After Oasis, he worked as analyst for StateStreet Bank before joining the American Bank JPMorgan where he gained further experience in Fund Accounting. Since 2012, willy is Business and Financial Consultant at Cabemery and Partners, South African branch of EMW & PC.

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