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Our teams intervene in five international legal offices specialized in business law and established in KinshasaLubumbashi and Matadi in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Emery Mukendi Wafwana & Associates, SC-P), Brazzaville in the Congo Republic (Emery Mukendi Wafwana & Associates, SARL), Johannesburg in the Republic of South Africa (Emery Mukendi Wafwana & Associates (Pty) Ltd), and New York in the United States of America (Emery Mukendi Wafwana & Associates, P.C.). We are also present in all OHADA region member states through partners firms with proven expertise.

Our lawyers and legal consultants are members of, and participate in, the activities of international professional associations such as the International Association of Lawyers (UIA), the International Bar Association (IBA), the New York City Bar Association (NYCBA), the International Law Firm (ILF), the New York County Lawyers’ Association (NYCLA), the International Association of Young Advocates (AIJA), the American Bar Association (ABA), and the International Conference of Common Tradition Bars (CIB).

To learn more about our international teams of lawyers, click on the appropriate links below.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Kinshasa Bureau Team | See Team List

  • Edmond CIBAMBA DIATA, Partner – See bio.
  • Eugénie ELANGA MONKANGO, Partner – See bio.
  • José ILUNGA KAPANDA, Partner – See bio.
  • Emery MUKENDI WAFWANA, Founding Partner – See bio.
  • Patrick BONDONGA LESAMBO, Associate – See bio.
  • Emmanuel KABUPWE KABUPWE, Associate See Bio.
  • Upio KAKURA WAPOL, Associate See Bio.
  • Esther-Rose LUFUTA BIDUAYA, Associate –  See bio.
  • Thos MATOLA YUNGU, Associate – See bio.
  • Patrick Augustin MBANGAMA KABUNDI, Associate and Parliament Member – See bio.
  • Rigobert NZUNDU MAWUNGA, Associate – See bio.
  • Emmanuel OTSHUDIEMA BENGU, Associate – See bio.
  • Pathy LIONGO BOOTSI, Associate – See bio.
  • Popol MWAMBA MUKENGESHAYI, Associate – See bio.

Lubumbashi Bureau Team | See Team List

  • Gabriel KAZADI MUTEBA, Associate – See bio.
  • Eric MUMWENA KASONGA, Associate – See bio.
  • Jean Pierre MUYAYA KASANZU, Associate – See bio.
  • Edouard Laddy TSHISHIMBI MPAMBA, AssociateSee bio.

Matadi Bureau Team | See Team List

  • Jean-Luc BEKAMA B’ISAKA, AssociateSee bio.
  • Patrick Pathou LUFUMA LUVUEZO, Associate – See bio.
  • Antoine LUNTADILA KIBANGA, Associate – See bio.
  • Papy NGOY KIBENZE, Associate – See bio.
  • Lucien TSASA NGOMA, Associate –See bio.
  • Jacques ZAKAYI MBUMBA,  Associate (President of the Bar) – See bio.
  • Etienne TSHISHIMBI Wa MUJINGA, Associate – See bio.
  • Eric VUVU NGOMA, Associate – See bio.
  • Arly KHUTY DIKIESE, Associate – See bio.
  • Junior MBEMBA MULOPO, Associate – See Bio.
  • Niclette FATUMA TONA, Associate – See Bio.

United States of America

New York Bureau Team | See Team List

  • Emery MUKENDI WAFWANA, Founding Partner – See bio.
  • Nady MAYIFUILA DINA, Associate – See bio.
  • Allan J. BERLOWITZ, of Counsel – See bio.
  • Dr. Sancy Lenoble MATSCHINGA, Juriste International – See bio.
  • Djami DIALLO, AssociateSee bio.
  • Kwabena Yeboah-Asuamah KWARTENG, Foreign Lawyer – See Bio.

Republic of South Africa

Johannesburg Bureau Team See Team List

  • Edmond CIBAMBA DIATA, Partner – See bio.
  • Emery MUKENDI WAFWANA, Founding Partner – See bio.
  • Alex MBIKAYI MUANA KALALA, Associate – See bio.
  • Michele FERREIRA, AssociateSee bio.
  • Willy BASHIYA MBAYI, Financial ConsultantSee bio.
  • Bernadetta TABANE, Of Counsel – See bio.
  • Nancy Napol Mubima, Of Counsel – See bio.

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