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A New Legal Framework to Promote the Public-Private Partnership in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

By Upio Kakura Wapol On February 11, 2014, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) enacted the Law No 14/005 creating tax, customs and parafiscal system of non-tax revenues and exchange control system applicable to Cooperation Agreements and Cooperation Projects, "PPP Law". This law is substantiated by the will of the DRC to implement a public-private partnership aimed at raising significant funds to further the implementation of huge reconstruction and development programme designed to provide the country with core infrastructures in order to upgrade the social welfare of population. The cooperation agreement and cooperation projects shall be the subject of the private-public...

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New regulations on Tax Residency Certificate in Mauritius

Rizwana Ameer Meea et Willy Bashiya Mbayi Mauritius is a strategic Global Business center located in the Indian Ocean. It is one of the most open and financially sound economies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Mauritius is located between Asia and Africa, and the success of its economy is largely a result of its political and socio-economic stability, coupled with good governance and a wide range of incentives to boost investment. Mauritius has been known as an excellent place for doing business. The country’s adoption of international best business practices and sustainable development policies has been acknowledged by international agencies such as the Organization for Economic...

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The Democratic Republic of the Congo is privatizing its insurance sector

  By Eric Tshimanga Mukendi  In September 2012, the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) submitted to the Parliament a bill of law on the Insurance Code for discussion and adoption prior to its promulgation by the head of State and publication in the official gazette in accordance with articles 100, paragraph 2 and 130 to 137 of the DRC constitution. During the period starting from 1885 the year of the creation of the Congolese State formerly known as ‘’Etat Indépendant du Congo” (E.I.C) until 1966, the insurance sector was dominated by foreign companies from Belgium, France, Holland, Great-Britain and...

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OHADA Law is directly applicable in the Democratic Republic of Congo since this Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[caption id="attachment_2806" align="alignleft" width="300"] OHADA Member States[/caption] Since September 12, 2012, OHADA Law (the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa) is directly applicable and binding, as domestic positive law, in the Democratic Republic of Congo ("DRC"). In accordance with Article 53, section 2 of the OHADA Treaty, all provisions thereof, regulations and Uniform Acts (“OHADA Law”) adopted before the accession of the DRC come into force in the DRC sixty (60) days after the date of effective filing of the instrument of accession, which occurred on July 13, 2012. The entry into force of OHADA Law in the DRC...

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« Le Droit fiscal congolais, commentaires des textes de lois, Volume I » by Maître Edmond Cibamba Diata

Mr. Edmond Cibamba Diata, Senior Partner of Cabemery (Pty) Ltd in Johannesburg published his new book about Tax Law in DRC, « le Droit fiscal congolais, commentaires des textes de lois, Volume I, Impôts réels et Taxe spéciale de circulation routière ». Tax laws are among the most misunderstood laws. Thus, the author tries to make them more understandable in this book which is documented with various texts of tax laws in force in the DRC. This book analyses tax laws, and also deals with the doctrine and case law as well as other sources of law. The book is the first volume...

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Maître Emery nominé Expert du Droit minier par « Who’s Who of Mining Lawyers 2012 »

L'International « Who’s Who of Mining Lawyers 2012 » nomine Maître Emery MUKENDI WAFWANA, Expert du Droit minier Maître Emery MUKENDI WAFWANA, Avocat en RDC et Legal Consultant admis à exercer à New York, a été nominé par le magazine International « Who’s Who of Mining Lawyers 2012 » comme Expert juridique dans la pratique du Droit minier en raison de ses prestations et publications dans le secteur. En effet, à la suite de recherches, des études et des opinions des clients, de cabinets d’avocats, et autres juristes spécialisés en droit minier dans le monde entier, 287 experts œuvrant dans 47 juridictions et pouvant...

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