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USA: Business Structures Available for Foreign Investors

Nady Mayifuila and Pascale Longuet The choice for the appropriate legal structure to transact business in the United States (“U.S.”) depends on a combination of factors relevant to a specific activity or sector, as well as on the needs and goals of the investor. The following paper is neither an attempt to define the criteria necessary to make such a decision nor, a fortiori, a substitute for the review of the particular project by an attorney. The aim of this article is to provide potential investors with a pragmatic overview of the American corporate legal and cultural environment, including the means...

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Accession of the DRC to the New York Convention on arbitration

Emery Mukendi Wafwana and Jonathan van .  After its adoption by the National Assembly and the Senate of the Democratic Republic of the Congo ("DRC"), the President of the Republic promulgated on June 26, 2013 the Law No. 13/023 authorizing the accession of the DRC to the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards signed in New York, on June 10, 1958 (the "Convention"). This Law is based on Articles 213 al. 1 and 214 al. 1 of the Constitution authorizing the President of the Republic to sign and ratify the Convention. However, the Law authorizes the accession of...

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Paul Fortin Joins Emery Mukendi Wafwana & Associates, P.C.

Renowned International Mining Consultant Paul Fortin joins the International African law firm Emery Mukendi Wafwana & Associates P.C The Law Firm Emery Mukendi Wafwana & Associates (Cabemery) is pleased to announce that Paul Fortin joined our team in New York as Mining Consultant Paul Fortin has tremendous national and international experience in advising investors, mine operators and governments from all around the world on policy and regulatory framework and carrying out resulting implementation programs in project development, mining, fiscal reform, privatization and public sector reform. Paul Fortin has impressive track records of transactional and regulatory legal work in many jurisdictions around the world,...

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Mr. Upio Kakura Wapol and Mr. Jonathan van Kempen join Cabemery

The Law Firm Emery Mukendi Wafwana & Associés is pleased to announce that Mr. Upio Kakura Wapol joined our team in Kinshasa and Mr. Jonathan van Kempen joined our team in New York. Mr. Upio Kakura Wapol is an attorney admitted to the Bar of Kinshasa/ Matete since 2008. He holds a law degree in economic and social law (1986) and a degree in Advanced Studies in law from the University of Kinshasa since 2007. He is currently a Senior Lecturer and Doctorandus at the same University. Before joining the Law Firm Emery Mukendi Wafwana & Associés, Mr. Upio Kakura Wapol carried...

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