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Natural Ressources

Expertise Team
The exploration and exploitation of Africa’s natural resources attract more and more international investments, leading African States to establish , revise and reform their legal and regulatory mining, oil, forestry, agriculture activities’ frameworks and hydraulic resources. Our lawyers and consultants have a perfect knowledge and demonstrate definite proficiency in their respective areas of practice as to legal issues and challenges relating to the Mining Law, Hydrocarbons Law, Forestry Law, Hydraulic Resources Law, Agricultural Law and Environmental Law.
  1. Emery Mukendi Wafwana
  2. Edmond Cibamba Diata
  3. Eugenie Elanga Monkango
  4. Esther Rose Lufuta Biduaya
  5. Djami Djalo
  6. Antoine Luntandila Kibanga
  7. Patrick Bondonga Lesambo
  8. Fulgence Kalema Bwatunda
  9. Papy Kibenze Ngoy
  10. Pathy Liongo Botso
  11. Eric Mumwena Kasongo
  12. Sancy Matschinga
  13. Nady Mayifuila