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We assist corporations in all their customs-related issues, from the moment of incorporation to their accreditation with the customs and excise administration.

We further advise and assist customs companies in the implementation of their mandates with their customers.

We also help our clients secure warehouse concession leases as well as duty-free exemptions for materials, goods, and other equipment eligible for preferential customs regimes.

Our experienced tax lawyers provide advice in a broad range of tax matters, including parafiscal matters. We advise and assist our clients in the preparation and filing of their returns with central and/or provincial tax authorities during the tax season.

We also assist and represent them during fiscal and parafiscal audits as well as in administrative and litigation proceedings.

We equally advise and assist our clients on tax issues arising as a result of new investments, including operations such as the establishment of joint ventures and mergers, and the transfer of business and real-estate assets.

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