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Legal Assessment of Projects

We offer legal evaluation of projects for acquiring or participating companies interested in the financing of projects, including those financial institutions wishing to engage in equity acquisitions or takeovers, or looking to finance projects or invest in specific economic and/or social sectors.

These evaluations generally help to establish the compliance of corporate documents, permits, licenses, and authorizations with the laws and regulations of the region, province, state or country where the project is implemented. We also confirm the authenticity of these documents with the authorities that issued and/or archived them. At the same time, we verify the existence or absence thereof of any common law or tax issue, or any other type of dispute likely to jeopardize or compromise the implementation or acquisition of interests in the project. Following our investigation and evaluation, we represent our clients in the settlement of any legal issues encountered.

We further intervene in the drafting and production of legal documents such as minutes of corporate as well as board of directors meetings, loan agreements, mortgage documents (land and mining concessions for instance), securities, and stock pledge agreements.

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