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Investment, Trade & Industry

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Most African States aim to become emerging countries by the next two decades. Many of them are diversifying their economies by turning into the manufacturing industry and tourism. The African States regularly organize and revise their legal, fiscal and customs frameworks, to make them incentive and favorable to investments in certain industries and specific businesses. This abundant and fastrapid normative production by the African States or by economic, financial and monetary institutions impacts the legal security of businesses and requires an effective legal assistance for projects and commercial transactions carried out in Africa. This is the constant preoccupation of our lawyers, and consultants who constantly follow up, in their areas of practice , the development of legislations, regulations and jurisprudence relating to Business Law, including the General Commercial Law, Corporate Law and EIG, Intellectual Property Law, Labor and Social Security Law, Securities Law, Tax and Customs Law, Commercial Contracts, Legal Assessment of Projects and Public Procurement Law.