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Transportation Law

We assist our clients with all the administrative and legal formalities and issues pertaining to their investment in the transport sector.

To this effect, we help them apply for, and secure, the permits, rights, certificates, and authorizations needed for public or private, national and/or international air transport, including service and work permits, air traffic rights, aircraft import authorizations, private runway construction permits, aircraft airworthiness certificates (issuance as well as renewal), and aircraft registration and radio licenses.

We also advise and assist our clients in the negotiation and finalization of aircraft sales contracts as well as chartering and leasing agreements. We further intervene in all matters pertaining to the incorporation of fluvial, maritime and lacustrine transport companies, and handle the drafting of their navigability policies as well as the negotiation of ship purchase and chartering agreements, including ship tonnage measurement, insurance, liens, and mortgage registration with the maritime mortgage authorities.

We represent our clients in carrier liability disputes and litigation, and assist them in the settlement of disputes between ship owners or carriers, or between the latter and their employees or customers. As for the carriage of people and goods by road or rail, we assist our clients in the negotiation of agreements as well as the implementation of carrier and forwarding agent liability protections.

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